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Australian Mother Used a Surrogate; Won Landmark Case to be Named on Birth Certificate

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An Adelaide woman with a surrogate son has won a landmark case to be named on the child’s birth certificate. The woman, who cannot be named, is the child’s genetic mother – her egg and her husband’s sperm were used to conceive the boy in the womb of an interstate surrogate. Surrogacy advocates praised the [...]

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The Final Push: Washington Surrogacy Legislation

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With less than two weeks before the regular legislative session ends, it’s time for Washington lawmakers to make the final push to get their bills approved by both houses and signed into law by the governor… The Senate passed an amended version of a bill by Rep. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle, that would legalize compensated surrogacy [...]

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Beating the Medical Odds: Two Sets of Identical Twins!

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Last year when they decided to try for another baby Mrs Crawford suffered a miscarriage. Undeterred and with most of the cost of in vitro covered by medical insurance, they decided to try again in June. As in the previous attempts, Mrs Crawford’s doctors transferred just two embryos, which is the safest thing to do [...]

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France’s Ban on Surrogacy

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In a ruling that affirmed France’s ban on surrogacy, the country’s top court refused on Wednesday to allow French citizenship for 10-year-old twin girls born to a surrogate mother in the United States who carried the babies for a French couple… The ruling exposes the legal limbo that many would-be parents find themselves in because [...]

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IVF Baby Day, The First Sunday of April

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Ukraine has established The White Orchid Day, the international holiday for IVF babies… An orchid is the world’s only flower that reproduces through assisted reproductive technologies, which explains the name of the holiday. Read the full article:


Fertility Source Companies Affiliates with Prospective Families

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Fertility SOURCE Companies (The Donor SOURCE and The Surrogacy SOURCE) is proud to announce its affiliation with, Prospective Families, an egg donor agency. By affiliating, with Prospective Families, Fertility SOURCE Companies obtains the benefits of the connections and contacts of Prospective Families while Prospective Families obtains the benefits of The Donor SOURCE’s data base of over [...]

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